Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send email to the ship?

Yes. The email address is  qe2 @ cunard . com
Put the recipients name (and cabin number if known) clearly in the subject line.

Are you related to Commodore R W Warwick or Commodore W E Warwick?

Yes. Commodore R W Warwick is my father, Commodore W E Warwick is my late grandfather.

How much is ...?

The QE2 Home Page is just a hobby and not a commercial venture.
For any commercial aspect of the ship please contact a travel agent or Cunard Line.

How can I get a job on the ship?

There is a section on employment at the official Cunard Line web-site.

How much is my item of QE2 memorabilia worth?

The best way to find out is to search for similar items on eBay or to contact a dealer such as Cobwebs.