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25 April 2004 - QE2 Embarks on Historic Atlantic Crossing
On the evening of 25 April QE2 and QM2 departed New York together. After pausing for a fireworks display by the Statue of Liberty both liners set course for a
tandem crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the first time that two Cunard Queens have crossed the Atlantic together since the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth many decades ago.

QE2 From QM2
QE2 from Bow
QE2 From QM2 Bow
QE2 from Top
QE2 From QM2 Top Deck
Nimrod Fly-Past

20 October 2003 - QE2 Featured on BBC Radio 4
Today the BBC Radio 4 programme You and Yours ran an item on QE2. This featured archive material from the launch of QE2 with the voice of Commodore Bil Warwick. Captain Ron Warwick and his son Sam were interviewed on the programme.
It is possible to listen to the program on the Radio 4 web-site (the QE2 feature starts in the ninth minute)

17 April 2003 - New QE2 Master Appointed
Following the appointment of Captains Warwick and Wright to QM2, Captain Ian McNaught has been appointed new master of QE2. McNaught first joined Cunard in 1987 and has been Staff Captain of QE2 since 2001.

20 March 2003 - 2003 World Cruise Schedule Changes
The itinerary was revised due to conflict in the Far East. The call to Mombassa is replaced with an extra day in Seychelles and a call at Reunion.
For full details refer to the updated itinerary

8 March 2003 - Captain Warwick Leaving Presentation in Hong Kong
The Deck Department presented Captain Ronald Warwick with a knotboard to commemorate his departure from QE2 and appointment to QM2.

Knotboard Presentation Knotboard

5 January 2003 - 21st Circumnavigation
QE2 sailed from New York on a World Cruise that will be her 21st circumnavigation of the world.

5 November 2002 - Britannia Figurehead refurbished by Abigail Wright, Director, The Arts Movement Ltd, a student of Charles Moore.
Britannia has been regarded as an important part of the ship's heritage, ever since the QE2 came into service, in 1969. The figurehead was Commissioned by Lloyds of London and sculptured by the late Charles Moore. Britannia was originally positioned at the forward entrance of the original Britannia Restaurant. In subsequent years when the interior design and names of various areas changed she was moved from place to place. These moves took their toll on Britannia and by the time she was sighted by Abigail Wright, she was in a very disheveled state with her left arm and triton missing. It is most fitting that as a student of Charles Moore, Abigail has done Britannia a great justice in restoring her to her former glory.

The restoration of Britannia was carried out in the studio of Abigail Wright situated on the HMS Belfast in the River Thames. On completion of the work, the figurehead was unveiled by Captain Warwick at a ceremony on board the Belfast and returned to QE2 on 05 November 2002.

Britannia Britannia

29 August 2002 - QE2 sails 5 millions miles
At approximately 2150 ship's time, the QE2 crossed 5 million miles since being brought into service in 1969. The photograph shows the Bridge and Engine watches during this historic milestone.
5-Million-Miles.jpg (43k)
(From left to right: Colm O'Shaughnessy - Second Officer, Othello Ghoshroy - First Officer, Rebecca Atkinson - Deck Cadet, Lisa Wooderson - Engine Cadet, Chris Hargreaves - Second Engineer and Anthony Roberts - Fourth Engineer)

4 July 2002 - Captain Ronald Warwick Appointed QM2 Master
During the keel laying ceremony for the new Cunard liner, Queen Mary 2, it was formally announced that Captain Warwick will be first master of QM2 when the new ship enters service in 2004.

2 July 2002 - New Mercedes
Maybach car airlifted off by Skycrane at approximately 0700 ship's time as the vessel was entering New York harbour.
Maybach1.jpg (35k) Maybach2.jpg (25k)
See this Maybach article for more info

25 June 2002 - Medevac for Injured Crew
Medevac carried out by helicopter at approximately midnight ship's time, 230 miles off the Republic of Ireland as the vessel was en route to Southampton.
Medivac-25-june-2002-pad.jpg (64k) Medivac-25-june-2002-ship.jpg (52k)

23 May 2002 - Medevac off Cape Cod
Medevac carried out by USCG helicopter at approximately 1400 ship's time, 220 miles off Cape Cod as the vessel was en route to New York.
Medivac-23rd-May-2002.jpg (104k)

18 May 2002 - Medevac in Solent
Medevac carried out by HMCG helicopter at approximately 1900 ship's time, in the Solent as the vessel was departing Southampton.
Medivac-18th-May-2002.jpg (63k)

04 October 2001
Captain R W Warwick performed the wedding ceremony of his daughter Rebecca on-board QE2 in Boston.
Article by Captain Warwick

July 1998
On 26th July QE2 encountered an Arctic Ice Flow. Captain Warwick issued an ice certificate to all passengers.

July 1996
Captain John Burton-Hall has been promoted to Commodore with effect from 22 July 1996.

June 1996
On 24th June 1996 during a westward transatlantic crossing QE2 received a distress call from yacht Galway Blazer.The QE2 altered course towards the last known position of the distress but after 4 1/2 hours deviation was released from any requirement for giving assistance. The survivors had been recovered by another vessel that had already reached the scene.

May 1996
The QE2 Home Page was featured in the 'Essential Viewing' guide in Internet magazine issue 19 (page 96).

May 1996
Plans for the 1996 dry-dock have been finalised. It is pleasing to see that a British yard in Southampton has been awarded the contract which is worth 12 million UK pounds. It is also a positive sign that Kvaerner have let this go ahead. Note that this dry-docking is not a refit as reported in the press. However the opportunity will be taken to make a few minor changes.

February 1996
A Norwegian construction company called Kvaerner have made a bid to purchase Trafalgar House, the company that owns Cunard Line. The future of Cunard and the QE2 is uncertain.

2nd January 1996
At 21:00 GMT QE2 clocked up her four-millionth mile, the equivalent of sailing around the world 185 times!

November 1995
The tonnage of QE2 was re-calculated and is now in excess of 70,000 tons.
See Statistics for full figures.

27 October 1995
An episode of the popular British soap opera, Coronation Street, was filmed aboard QE2.

11 September 1995
QE2 encountered Hurricane Luis on a Westbound Atlantic crossing and got struck by a 95 foot wave. This resulted in QE2 arriving in New York late and having to stay a day for repairs. Captain Warwick issued a certificate to all passengers and crew.